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Texel, Inc.
Russian engineers from Texel, Inc revealed a 3D scanner capable of generating a full body scan in 30 seconds.

Texel is a Moscow-based startup company that managed to raise more than 50 million rubles. The company produces devices for 3D body scanning. These scanners can also capture any object of the similar size as long as it doesn’t fall from the rotating platform.

A full body scanning takes about 30 seconds. This is enough for the scanner to take 4,000 photos. It will take another minute to process the scan and prepare a 3D model. The machine works much faster compared to portable handheld devices.

Preparing the file for 3D printing will take another five minutes.

The machine can scan 17-40 people an hour. Therefore, it can be used for commercial purposes since scanning people for money may prove quite profitable.
Texel, Inc.
The CEO of Texel believes that one of the most promising directions for the Portal is virtual fitting rooms for online and offline stores. Indeed, the global precedent was set by Amazon that bought 3D Body Labs, the company working in the same field.

“When I graduated from the university 10 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine that someday, stores would introduce virtual fitting rooms”, said Maxim Fedyukov, the co-founder of the Texel startup. “If someone had told me that I would enter this business, become a CEO of a startup company and start selling products to China, I would say ‘You got the wrong guy here.’”

3D scans of humans can be used for multiple purposes: 3D printing of miniature figurines (see our best picks), creating holograms or digital commemorative pictures, creating 3D avatars for VR and online games. The resolution of 1 mm is more than enough for all of that.
Young lady posing as a model for a 3D mannequin
Roman Kanaschuk / TASS
You can spend hours thinking of different ways to use a 3D model of a human body. Any ideas? Share them in the comments below.
Texel, Inc.
Those who attended the additive manufacturing exhibition held in Technopolis “Moscow” in April got the chance to try out the new machine themselves.
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04.07.19 в 14:37
And where is the print result?

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